When you receive your set of envelopes, you will see that the envelopes come dated, with descriptions of each collection.  Please use the envelopes with the corresponding date.  They can be placed in the collection basket or mailed to the office.

Below is a description of our different envelope types.

  • Sunday Envelope
    • White envelope, with a picture of the Cathedral.  There is one for every Sunday of the year.  Contribution from this envelope goes to the needs of the church: payroll, heating, regular maintenance, and other bills.
  • Capital Campaign
    • White envelope with powder blue border.  Appears twice a month. In March of 2017, we began a three-year campaign to raise money to erase our debt, do capital improvements, and try to put money in savings. We have reached many of our goals already.  We are in the process of replacement of our Heating and Air Conditioning of the Cathedral.  The bid we received is for $1,100,000.  This work will soon commence, and the new unit should be done by April 2019.  We will need an additional $405,000 in order to stay out of debt and leave money in savings.
  • Haiti Mission Project
    • St. Mary’s Cathedral has a parish in Haiti that we sponsor through the Parish Twinning Program.  Donations go to help our sister parish.  One blue envelope appears one Sunday of the month.
  • Holy Days
    • Collections are taken up on all Holy Days of Obligation: Mary, Mother of God (Jan 1), Easter, Ascension Thursday (40 days after Easter), Assumption of Mary (Aug 15), All Saints (Nov 1), Immaculate Conception (Dec 8) and Christmas (Dec 25). One envelope is provided for each day, with donations going to the parish.
  • Diocese Appeal Envelope
    • A white envelope with purple trim will appear for 12 months, October- September.  This pledge and contribution goes to the Diocese of Grand Island.
      • Ministries Supported by the Diocesan Appeal
      • Seminary Formation 
      • Youth & Young Adult/Higher Ground-
      • Hispanic Ministry 
      • International Priest Program
      • Newman Centers-UNK & Chadron State College
      • Ongoing Priestly Formation 
      • Permanent Diaconate 
      • Retired Priest Medical Insurance 
      • West Nebraska Register 
      • Faith Formation & Evangelization 

The new Diocesan Appeal Logo is a representation of the beautiful landmarks that make up our Great diocese.  From the beauty of Chimney Rock in the West, to the Windmills that run all across our sandhills, the Rivers that flow through our diocese, to our Mother Church the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary and finally the Holy Spirit that draws us all closer to Christ as One Holy and Apostolic church.   

We are a diocese known for our hard work and hospitality.  Let’s continue to Receive, Cultivate and Share God’s Abundant gifts in our efforts to grow, The Church.  The ministries below are needed to help the church and our diocese do just that, Grow.  Our 2018 goal is $1.33 million.  Your support of this year’s Diocesan Appeal will help the following ministries in many ways to include some that are listed below.  Every pledge large and small is necessary to our success. 

 The following National Collections are taken up once per year: 

  • Latin America
    • Since 1996, U.S. Catholics have helped our brothers and sisters in Central and South America and the Caribbean to carry out their pastoral ministry, through the Collection for the Church in Latin America.  Funds from the collection are used to train seminarians, men and women religious, permanent deacons, catechists and other lay leaders. Funding is limited to programmatic expenses and excludes building construction.
  • Eastern Europe
    • This collection was initiated by the U.S. Bishops in 1990.  the collection to Aid the Catholic Church in Central and Eastern Europe provides much-needed help in restoring church institutions, teaching the laity through programs of religious and moral education, spreading the Word of God through the mass media and restoring Catholic charitable organizations once outlawed by Marxist states.
  • Catholic Relief Services (CRS)
    • CRS has been serving those in need worldwide since the early 1940’s providing emergency relief and long-term development assistance, which helps people help themselves.  The second largest international relief and development agency in the United States, CRS aids the suffering and distressed in more than 75 countries.
  • Holy Land
    • This collection supports the sacred places, educational and charitable institutions in the Holy Land through the Good Friday collection, and educates young men for Mission of the Custody of the Holy Land in Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Cyprus, Rhodes, Israel and Egypt.
  • Catholic Home Missions
    • Launched in 1998 the appeal strengthens the Catholic Church where it is weak in the United States and its territories where resources are thin and priests are few.  This appeal also supports about 25 organizations and religious communities engaged in home mission work.  The appeal funds a wide range of pastoral services including evangelization, religious education, maintenance of mission parishes, training of seminarians and lay ministers and ministry with ethnic groups, especially Hispanics.
  • Communications
    • The U.S. Bishops’ Catholic Communications Campaign (CCC) produces and supports media projects that prormote Gospel values and bring the Catholic Church’s message to the marketplace.
  • Peter’s Pence
    • The Peter’s Pence Collection enables the Holy Father to respond with emergency financial aid assistance to request to aid the most needy throughout the world—those who suffer as a result of way, oppression, and natural disasters.
  • World Mission Sunday
    • Our diocese, through the parishes and missions which constitute it, is given an opportunity to help mission lands and the work of missionaries.
  • Campaign for Human Development
    • In 1970 the bishop of this country created this program to address the rote causes of poverty in America through promotion and support of community-controlled, self-help organizations and education.  Studies have shown that CCHD-funded projects have touched 1 in 10 Americans and nearly half the poor people in the United States.
  • Retirement Fund/Religious
    • The proceeds from this collection help Religious Orders to establish more effective and cost-efficient care for retired members, to establish development programs so the orders can raise funds on their own and to meet emergency needs.  The average age of religious sisters, brothers and priests continues to grow, and so does the need to care for them in their final years.