The prevention of child sexual abuse and all other forms of abuse are a priority in the Catholic Church and at St. Mary’s Cathedral.  To this effect, we maintain a safe environment for children and others by:

  • Certification of all volunteers and staff with direct contact with children
    • background screens
    • education about the prevention of child sexual abuse
    • continuing education about safety-related issues for children
  • Victim Assistance
    • trained counselors are available for those in need
  • Education for children, youth, and parents
    • Communication, boundaries, interacting with adults, dealing with bullies, promoting safety
  • Enforcement of the policies of the Diocese of Grand Island
    • Child Protection Policy
    • Codes of Conduct
    • Documentation and Reporting

If you have knowledge of an incident of sexual abuse of a minor by a cleric, church employee, or volunteer, we encourage you to report the matter to one of our Victim Assistance Coordinators and to the police.