Welcome from Fr. Jorge Canela

My dear friends in Christ,

All are welcome into God’s house, and I want you to feel warmly welcomed and feel right at home. Please allow me to take this opportunity to personally welcome you to St. Mary’s Cathedral in Grand Island, Nebraska. I, Fr. Canela, rector of this beautiful Cathedral would like to welcome you to join our parish family!  We are here with open hearts and helping hands and sharing the love of Jesus with all of you.  And so, together we may continue to proclaim in new ways that Jesus is Lord and build His Kingdom here in Grand Island, Nebraska.

We are a parish of over 2,500 households and over 6,700 parishioners.

It is very important to all of us to find the place where our longings and values are nurtured and a place where we are loved just for who we are. Therefore, here at St. Mary’s Cathedral, we seek to love, to serve God and our neighbors as Jesus teaches us to do it.   So, my vision is to let you know that we are here to work together in every walk of life, all of us seeking to do God’s will, spreading the good news of Jesus and his salvation, and calling every one of us to grow in holiness.

May our Lady of Guadalupe intercede for each and every one of us, and inspire us to follow Jesus with deep love and a true desire to share his message of salvation with the people of our time.  Love Mary as our mother, and let us ask her to be a mother to all of us and to never leave us. May she help us to grow in our faith and to do the will of God in everything.

I welcome you with great love and joy,

In Christ,

Fr. Canela