Welcome from Fr. Jim Golka


As the rector of St. Mary’s Cathedral Church, I am pleased to welcome you to our Church community. 

We are a parish of over 2,500 households and over 6,700 parishioners.  I would describe us as a community ever attempting to grow in Jesus Christ by fidelity to the incomparable means He gives us through the Catholic Church.

One of the most important parts of the Universal Church is the local parish.  The parish is the setting in which personal faith finds communal support.  Here, together, we listen to the Word of God and receive the Body and Blood of Christ.  Here, sins are forgiven in Reconciliation.  Here, in the company of others, life’s most significant passages take on eternal dimension: the birth of a child in Baptism, the beginnings of adulthood in Confirmation, the love of a man and a woman in Marriage, the passing of a loved one in Christian burial.

At St. Mary’s we strive to make stewardship a way of life.  We are abundantly blessed by our God.  We desire to receive God’s gifts gratefully, cherish and tend these gifts in a responsible and accountable manner, share our gifts in justice and love with others, and finally to return them with increase to the Lord.  We encourage each other to use our time, talents and treasure in the manner of a good steward.

We welcome you to our parish and we invite your participation in our community’s faith.  You are always welcome to stop by the parish office and visit with us.   We are grateful that your presence enhances our parish.

In Christ,

Fr. Jim Golka


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