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What is ChristLife?

ChristLife is an evangelization ministry that equips Catholics for the essential work of evangelization so that all people might personally encounter Jesus Christ and be transformed into His missionary disciples.  The ChristLife Evangelization Process is a relational way to make missionary disciples by helping people discover, follow, and share Jesus Christ. Our ministry partners with parishes, priests, clergy, religious and lay leaders who are seeking to answer the Church’s call for the New Evangelization through a proven method of parish evangelization and outreach.

ChristLife follows three stages of discipleship formation: Discovering Christ, Following Christ, and Sharing Christ

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Discovering Christ – A seven-week experience that invites you to hear the Good News and personally encounter Jesus Christ.  Video:

Following Christ – A seven-week journey that explores and encourages Catholic discipleship.  Video:

Sharing Christ – A seven-week mission that trains Catholics to share Jesus Christ with others and invite them to be part of the Church.  Video:

To explore the ChristLife evangelization process, visit:

ChristLife Schedule

At the current time, we are not offering ChristLife.  Once COVID restrictions are lessened, we plan on beginning the series again. To be placed on our waiting list, please email

For information: Judy Priess at 308-384-2523. ext 222

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