Grand Island Central Catholic School

Catholic School, why should I send my children to Catholic School like Grand Island Central Catholic?

1.  Catholic Schools provide children with the invaluable opportunity to expand their knowledge, explore their passions, create community, strengthen their sense of self, and come to know God all in one place.

2.  The Catholic School prioritizes weekly Mass. Mass is the central act of worship for Catholics. Schools that prioritize Mass communicate the importance of Mass and also allow students and teachers to

 receive special graces not available through other worship

3. Catholic schools are also committed to academic excellence. Catholic schools incorporate spirituality into every aspect of the curriculum. Catholic schools teach that service to others is a basic tenet of the Catholic faith.

3.  All curriculum and instruction in a Catholic school foster: the desire to seek wisdom and truth, the preference for social justice, the                 discipline to become self-learners, the capacity to recognize ethical and moral grounding for behavior, and the responsibility to transform and enrich the world with Gospel 

The 4 reasons above are motivations to send your children to GICC.  We have heard the argument that sending a child to a Catholic School is expensive and many do not apply to any Catholic School for that reason. GICC does have tuition assistance as well as scholarships.

 We at St. Mary’s Cathedral would like many of our youth to attend GICC. Fr. Canela is in the process of setting up a committee to help families bring their children to GICC.  We are open to all members of our Cathedral who are registered members of our church and attend mass regularly. 

Fr. Canela would like as many of our families at GICC from St. Mary’s.  If you are interested in sending your child to GICC and worried about the cost factor, please contact Fr Canela to receive a packet to be filled out by the family and return to Fr. Canela only.  Once the packet is

 received the committee with Fr. Canela will take the next steps of

 review.  Note, not everyone who fills out the packet is automatically accepted into this program.   If you have any questions please contact Fr Canela at 384-2523 ext 201 or email at